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5 Lankan Book Bloggers You Must Meet

Three years ago when I first started my book blog, Say It with Books I was looking for local book bloggers who might be interested in collaborations and whatnot. So of course, like all normal people I reached out to our trusty friend Google with a quick 'Sri Lankan Book Bloggers' search.

ZERO. That's how many bloggers I found.

But one day I stumbled across Mishma's previous blog, As the page turns and I was super excited to find out that she was a Lankan blogger! A couple of months later, we found out there were in fact couple of other AMAZING local book bloggers. 

Today's post is a part of The Blogger Positivity Campaign organized by Jillian of Jillian’s Books aims to spread love and bring back some much needed positivity to the blogging community. Because of this, I'd like feature some of the other incredibly talented local book bloggers who I've had pleasure of meeting. ❤ ❤


Mishma is the 17 year old blogger at Chasing Faerytales (Previously, As the page turns)

I adore her A++ discussion posts and her bubbly personality that shines through her in posts!

Check our her blog, Chasing Faerytales. You can also say hi on Twitter.


Ranu is another teenage book blogger and Whovian who blogs at The Araliya Bookshelf.

I love her positive energy and her enthusiasm for books which clearly shows in her critical reviews.

Check our her blog, The Araliya Bookshelf. You can also say hey on Twitter.

An artist and the blogger at So, we read this book, Gabrielle is a TOTAL fangirl. 

Her blog doesn't just focus on the new releases but also showcases an eclectic range of books with well thought out reviews.

Check our her blog, So We Read This Book

You can also say heyyyya on Twitter.

A Potterhead, psych student and a co-blogger at The Regal Critiques, Ruzaika reviews an intriguing variety of books. 

From crime to contemporary and everything in between, you can find it all at her book blog.

Check our her blog, The Regal Critiques. You can also say hello on Twitter.


I've saved the best for the last. ;) I was a long time reader of Savindi's blog but it wasn't until much later that I found that we share the same birth country. An incredibly perceptive reader, anime fan and talented blogger, Savindi used to blog at The Streetlight Reader. She's currently on a hiatus but I'm really hoping that she gets the opportunity to rejoin the blogosphere soon! *hint hint* 

You can say hello to her on Goodreads.

Who are your favorite bloggers? Are you familiar with any of the above mentioned Lankan book blogs?


  1. Aww, thanks for including meeee, Nuz!! Who knew choosing to blog would make me THIS famous?! :D

  2. I love this post not because I went to high school with Savindi (and she was ultimately the one who pushed me into toward joining the community) but because I empathize with feeling as though -no one- was from Canada. At least it felt that way after the first year of blogging; just in my own little corner on the Internet. My world basically exploded when I came across familiar faces in signings and the like LOL.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  3. Aww I love Mishma, Ranu, and Ruzi :D (But of course, I adore you as well!) ❤ All three are super sweet, and I enjoy talking with them via Twitter because they're so happy, bubbly, and fun to talk to. I really love their energy, especially in their blogs and Twitter! You're really lucky to have been close to many Sri Lankan bloggers. :) I know of a lot of PH bloggers and they live in my city, but I am not close to them in the community. (Hoping to change that soon, though. Haha.)

    Amazing post, Nuzaifa! :) Loved reading through it!


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