Friday, November 27, 2015

A Letter To (Magical) Readers

Dear Unicorn,

At the time I was drafting this letter, there were 7,383,852,034 people on this earth. Among these roughly 7 million people, there's a bunch of people that I consider my tribe.

They are a weird bunch. Some would call them crazy. Some would shake their heads at them. 

I call them magical.

By day, some of they are quite ordinary. You might encounter one on your daily commute. At your workplace. At your school. Even in your very homes. They are everywhere. 

But by night (Some do manage to sneak in during the broad daylight - How Scandalous!) they are wizards, superheroes, debutantes, super sleuths, dragon slayers, vampires, undercover agents, soldiers, werewolves and even villains. 

They are time travelers - twirling into the Regency Era, spying their way through the World War II, volunteering as a tribute beside Katniss, whipping up love potions and charms, immortalizing the French Renaissance in their paintings, falling in love in space, racing around on hover cars in 2056 or saving the universe from hostile alien life forms.

This letter is dedicated to you, readers. 

The ones who find their haven in the written word. The ones who love nothing more than slipping in between the pages of a well-worn paperback. The ones who find their pleasure in hardbacks. The ones who are bewitched by the dance of words on their e-readers. The ones who find bliss in their audiobooks.

Every day you choose to jump headfirst into these exotic fictional worlds without a second thought, consequences be damned. Every day you live a thousand lives. Everyday you choose to find the magic in an ink-stained page. 

Everyday, you say farewell to the naysayers and celebrate your rights as a reader. 

You inspire me. 

You are proof that words are not just words. You are proof that books have the power to change the world. You are tangible evidence that words can revolutionize the society.

So keep turning that page, darlin'. You are loved.

Carpe Librum!

Yours truly, 
Nuzaifa a.k.a. Word Contessa
The Blogger Positivity Campaign organized by the Jillian of Jillian’s Books aims to spread love and bring back some much needed positivity to the blogging community.

Who inspires you? So tell me, hardbacks or paperback? ;)


  1. This is so cute!! I definitely think that so far this prompt is getting the most creative responses and this is written sooo beautifully!

  2. Aww...this is such an emotional and beautifully written post! ♥ Thank you for writing this - it's probably the best post I've read all day. xx

  3. This is incredibly beautiful! Readers everywhere are always being shamed by those naysayers who think that "reading is lame." Nowadays, they feel embarrassed to admit that they like to read books out of fear of being looked as "lame and boring." But it's okay to read. Readers have so much potential within themselves from the books they read because (like you said), our words can revolutionize the society. :)

    Lovely post Nuzaifa! Loved it!

  4. This is one of the most beautifully worded things I have ever read. *sniffs*

  5. What a beautiful post. Every day we get to live a thousand lives, I always love that about reading. We get to be/be around so many different people. This was great <3

  6. Oooh -- I hadn't heard about the Blogger Positivity Things (perhaps because I have been off social media somewhat due to occasional blogger negativity...) I'm going to go check this out. And that was a really lovely post -- well done!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  7. It was such a cute post! I'm actually in the middle of a reading slump (I think), so reading those words made me feel better about being a reader. Reading is great and well... I should get back to the book that made me feel a little slumpy, because it's our world :)


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