Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pinterest For The Visual Lover In You

List of Pinterest Accounts For Design Lovers Enthusiasts

Confession: I am an unapologetic Pinterest addict. 

I easily spend more than five hours on Pinterest every week. For a social network that has very little conversation and actual engagement between readers, Pinterest is highly popular. It is perhaps the lack of chatter that actually attracts a huge number of users. Compared to Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is super quiet and requires very little community participation. There is hardly any doubt that visuals are a better story telling tool so Pinterest is highly effective in its simplicity. 

My favorite thing about Pinterest is that it allows me to collate all my interests on one site and at the same time makes it super easy to filter the content I want.

For my fellow Pinterest addicts I have curated a list of must-follow Pinterest accounts for the visual lover in you. Most of these Pinners are focused on design but they do share some pretty amazing interest-focused boards ranging from lifestyle, food, DIY to beauty, branding and travel.
First up is the wonderfully joyful Joy Cho of Oh Joy! This incredible designer, blogger and food enthusiast balances lifestyle and design on her Pinterest account - Her pins are a never ending source of inspiration!

Check out Joy Cho on Pinterest.

Second is the talented Kayla Meyer of Owl You Need Is Love! This graphic designer has a great selection of design and branding related boards that any aspiring designer will love!

Check out Kayla Meyer on Pinterest.
Third, I have Niki Blaker! This art director is heavily focused on design from typography to interior and illustrations.

Check out Niki Blaker on Pinterest.
Fourth, lets look at Paula Cevasco. This graphic designer and creative mind pins pretty much everything so I had no idea where to start!

Check out Paula Cevasco on Pinterest.
On the fifth spot we have Sneh Roy. This Indian-Australian blogger at Cook Republic is not just an amazing food photographer but she is also a designer and cook! Her Pinterest is diverse and the Indian food board is sure to make your mouth water.

Check out Sneh Roy on Pinterest.
At number six I have designer, Charlene Koh. Her Pinterest boards are a reflection of her clean and minimalist style. 

Check out Charlene Koh on Pinterest.
Narrowing down a list of my favorite Pinners is almost as hard as narrowing down my list of favorite authors. So I couldn't help but include a few more Pinterest accounts that I adore.
Tell me:

Are you an avid Pinner? How much time do you spend on the black hole that is Pinterest? 
Do you have any Pinterest recommendations? Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards!

Happy Pinning!


  1. I am a beginner to Pinterest,and I am loving it!
    Thanks to all those links,Nuz.I found some great boards to follow.

  2. I spend about an hour a day on Pinterest, either looking for new pins or reading pinned articles. It's one of my favorite sites! Thanks for the recommendations, as I love discovering new boards! Most of my boards are book related, but I've been adding new ones lately. It's so addicting!

    I'm at if you want to check out my boards.

  3. I am working on updating my Pinterest boards this weekend. I was just approved to add rich pins to my pinterest pins. I am going to check out your boards when I finish commenting. If you want to check out my pinterest boards they are at


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