Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently: Chapter 1 of 12

I wish I could say that January was blur. Of course, there were some good days but like all good things those days seem to have rushed past me. And there were a lot of not so good days so I'm definitely glad to say goodbye to January. So here I am saying a big hello to February!

Currently I am... 

READING  Damsel Distressed. Don't let that cutesy cover fool you because Kelsey Macke pulls all the stops in this emotional debut. I have also been listening to some of the soundtracks for this novel and I've got to say Wedding Day Rain's Breathe Easy is my favorite! Many thanks to Hazel for introducing me to my new favorite fairy tale retelling.

WATCHING The 100. I might be a little obsessed with this show but man, the leading ladies are kicking ass! And I can hardly complaint about Bellamy Blake, can I? This show also wins because #Bellarke - The mother of all OTPs.

LISTENING to Emeli Sandé. Honestly, I have had very little time to go hunting for great music so recommendations are welcome!

ENJOYING working on a blog makeover process. It's all coming together albeit very very slowly. 

HATING this waiting period. I have taken some steps for a change career-wise but I'm still waiting to hear if it's a yes or a no. The whole 'not-knowing' is killing me but I'm trying to be patient.

WASTING time thinking of the 'could-have-been's

MARVELING at how a little break from routine can help me forget those 'could-have-been's.

REALIZING that I am the only one who's responsible for my own happiness. 

FOLLOWING Ten Penny Dreams, Amy's literary lifestyle blog and I Can Build a Blog for great blogging tips.

GRATEFUL for books. 
“Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.”  ― Joanne Harris

What you might have missed last month:

Goals for this month:

  • Squeeze in more writing time and work on scheduling posts.
  • Finalize designs for blog makeover.
  • Start revising for my finance exams! UGH.

So tell me, how did January treat you? 

What are you looking forward to this February? 

Any exciting new things lined up? What are your personal/blogging goals for February?

Much Love,


  1. ohh, blog make over?!! I'm excited to see what you've got in store! I had a story idea and a friend told me it sounded like The 100 so now I HAVE to see the show. I JUST NEED LIKE 2503 MORE HOURS IN MY DAY. *sighs* Soon, someday soon, I'm kind of totally hooked to hear the character are rocking too. x)

  2. I'm also catching up with The 100 (watching season 2) and I'm always sucked into the story. So good and twisty. A blog make-over, how exciting :D

  3. Looks like you had an eventful January,Nuz!
    God,you too?I feel like I am the only person in the whole universe who doesn't watch The 100.
    Well,maybe I am exaggerating a little,but that's how it feels like!

    A blog makeover?Wow.Didn't see that coming.
    Looking forward to see the new look:)


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