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Ask the blogger: What is your blogging identity?

blogging identity crisis

3000, 000. That is the number of new blogs that are created every month. Mind boggling, isn't it?

For any given niche, there are a lot of blogs. Lifestyle blogs, book blogs, tech blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, photography blogs, writing blogs, DIY blogs, art blogs, the list goes on and on.

When I first entered the blogosphere I had no doubt that I was a book blogger. Two years in and I'm not quite sure.

As much as I enjoy talking about books I also adore discussions on blogging, writing and the other non-book related things in my life. Every time someone asks me to describe my blog I freak out. Calling myself a book blogger makes me feel confined and the very thought of assigning myself to a niche is uncomfortable.

At the same time there is no doubt that belonging to a niche is pretty wonderful. Identifying your niche not only gives you a sense of belonging. We are surrounded by inspiration while this is a good thing occasionally it can be overwhelming. A niche will help you narrow down your thoughts. Niches are also a great tool when it comes to finding people who share the same interests as you.

I'm in two minds when it comes to choosing a niche. Sometimes I feel that I should be able to write about whatever the hell I want. At other times I feel that knowing your niche solidifies your blogging identity. I've come to realize that the only way to get out of rut is to find the right balance.

When I visit a blog I would like to see an unifying theme. Your blogging identity is not just the niche that you've chosen to be a part but it is also the other elements like your domain name, your logo, your blog design and the content. Readers should be able to see a clear cohesiveness between these elements. So what's the key to this cohesiveness?

Carve your own niche

I have come to accept that as my blog grows, it is only natural that the niche I started in may not be the one I grow into. I do not fit in any single niche but I have been able to look at my areas of interest and identify what I want to be.

So who am I in the blogging world? What’s my blogging identity?

Book blogging is something that I will always love but I also adore talking about the blogging, creativity, writing and a bunch of other things. I've decided that giving myself the flexibility to write about these things allows me to constantly strive to create great content.

Have you ever experienced a blogging identity crisis? 

If you are currently going through one, I’d urge to do your research, study your voice and format your blog to embody that voice and match your content to your unique brand.

What kinds of topics do you find it easiest to write about? What areas do you feel truly passionate about? Take a couple of minutes to ask yourself these questions and write down your answers. Looking at the keywords in your answers, you'll be able to find your niche, your blogging identity and your brand.

Happy Blogging!
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  1. I think niches are brings like minded people together and gives you stuff to talk about! At the same time, I reckon it's okay to dabble outside your niche. I personally only follow the barest few blogs who post about ANYTHING. I find it's kind of...unfocused, a lot? I like focused. But then, I know so many people who mix book blogging with...say, cooking! Or book blogging and art! or fashion! Or writing! And I LOVE that. It gives variety but it's still niche-y (that's totally a word). xD

  2. I can completely relate to this. When I'm asked what my blog is about I kind of freak out. What am I? When I first started blogging I knew I was a book blogger and that's all I was. But now, nearly two years later I'm very confused. I guess I'm a design/book/lifestyle blogger. I really don't think there's a group for bloggers like that! :P

  3. Great post! I am still relatively new to blogging (started in November), so I am still carving out my own little niche. It is crazy just how many book blogs are out there though.

  4. I usually don't really think or care what kind of blogger I am, I would say that I am primarily a book blogger, but I post anything that I feel like. Whether those are ramblings about my life, recipe posts or anything else I feel like. My blog is my space and I found that while most of my visitors are book bloggers, they love my other posts just as much if not more. I follow mostly book bloggers, but also some food bloggers, writing bloggers and one or two animals bloggers.

  5. I started out as a book blogger but I'm slowly evolving - but it's ok. I primarily party with the book bloggers, but I write about a few other topics as well. Still without book and reading there would be no blog. The other topics sometimes come and go. And that's how I know what niche I want to belong to.

  6. I do tend to call myself a book blogger. Most of the time, my blog is all about books books BOOKS. I do sometimes post about other things, but I tend to shove all my book-related stuff onto my blog. :D

  7. I've never actually really thought about this. My blog, in my own weird words, is just an extension of me. Being labelled a "book blog" has never bothered me, but I know that I'm a lot more. For example, I tend to be really all over the place with my personality. I know I can be really snarky and sarcastic but at the same time, I think that I'm really nice with the whole fangirling thing too.

    I create a lot of features on my blog that aren't seen on other sites. I do this on purpose because I can't stand being like everyone else. It makes me feel alone sometimes, but I've found what my niche is and I'm so glad

  8. I recently expanded my own blog so that it's now considered a book and writing tips blog. I love writing about those topics and the change gives me the wiggle room I need. But just because I'm specifically in those niches doesn't mean I can't post about blogging tips every once in a while. But the majority of my content is and should be about books and writing.

  9. Good advise Nuz. I suppose I'll always be mostly a book blogger but I also include some lifestyle posts that I feel like writing about. I just go with my own flow and I'm happy to carve my own niche.

  10. I find it really hard to call myself a book blogger sometimes.Rather I think it's a personal blog of a book lover.Because I don't only talk about books,right?
    Man,it's just so confusing:)

  11. I've always been a lifestyle blogger, but recently (and I mean from yesterday) I've been considering narrowing my focus from everything to just a few subjects (mostly books and writing, with the occasional lifestyle post thrown in for variety). I think too narrow a niche can be a bad thing - familiarity breeds contempt as the saying goes!
    Beth x

  12. I have two blogs, so I do have an identity crisis sort of I guess lol. The book blog is easy to place in a niche but my other blog is my personal/lifestyle blog, and I just blog about too many things to really know where to place it lol. Great topic.


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