Thursday, January 1, 2015

24 lessons learned + A special something for you!

Second Blogversary Say It with Books

Two years. That's how long I've been blogging.

It has been the most extraordinary journey. Every glorious milestone, every false start, each stumble, every jump and each glorious adventure - I'm grateful for all of it.

There were a multitude of lessons learnt in both blogging and life. So today I'll be sharing a few with you...

1. Open yourself up to new possibilities and adventures.

Say yes to opportunities - Before I started blogging, I spent MONTHS procrastinating preparing for it. When I finally made the leap it was terrifying and that was how I knew that I had made the right choice. Life happens outside that comfort zone so move!

2. Know your worth.

Work on that self-love. Believe in yourself and embrace your strengths, weakness and quirks. Love yourself and others will follow.

3. Cherish your friends.

You are the company you keep. Be loyal to your your BFFs, renew old acquaintances and reach out to create new ones.

4. Let go.

Toxic relationships/habits weighing you down? You need to hit CTRL + D, girl.

5. Not everyone agrees.

Voice your opinion, don't ever stop standing up for what you believe but open your mind to other views.

6. Listen.

It's a loud world, both online and offline. Sometimes you just need to pay attention, listen and learn.

7. De-Clutter.

Simplify, detox and get rid of that clutter. Learn to distinguish between the things you need and the things that you think you need.

8. Focus.

Once you hit DELETE, focusing becomes child's play. Focus on the things that bring you true joy and keep doing it.

9. Encourage.

Words are powerful. Use yours to lift someone up, to appreciate them and to them feel that they are not alone.

10. Breathe.

I gift myself 15 minutes of some quiet time, a cup of steaming tea and some fresh air every morning. It's easily the favorite part of my day.

11. Step back.

Take a hiatus. It could be a hour, a day, a week or a whole month off to just re-center yourself. Sometimes a little distance will give you the answer you've been looking for.

12. Read.

Escape into someone's reality for a few minutes everyday. When you return to your own reality, you'll be a changed person-more empathetic, kinder, wiser and happier.

13. Learn.

Never limit yourself when it comes to education. Actively seek out opportunities to grow and learn.

14. What's your passion?

Find the reason for your being, follow your calling and revel in the feeling of being truly alive.

15. Slow down.

Be present. Life is happening right now so stop and savour this moment.

16. Perfection is an illusion.

Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20. Stop trying to chase perfection and start appreciating yourself.

17. Laugh.

18. Make lists.

19. Make some lemonade.

There's going to be a bazillion bullets coming your way, you will be kicked down and you will without doubt stumble. Kick those walls down, pick yourself up, dodge a few bullets and maybe try a few roundhouse kicks? 

20. Create.

Don't ever stop creating. Create your own path and start building your legacy bit by bit.

21. Be thankful.

Don't be an ungrateful little sh*t. Seriously.

22. Say no.

Take a look at your values/goals and understand what is good for you and what is not. Do not trap yourself by saying yes to everything that comes your way.

23. You are not just your body...

....but take care of it. Eat, sleep and indulge in some "me-time".

24. Hot pancakes soaked in honey are possibly the best thing ever.


In full celebratory spirit, I'm giving away a book that was written by some of my favorite inspirational (& hellah funny) ladies! #GirlPower

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for being so supportive and awesome. You inspire me.

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So tell me, what lessons have you brought over from 2014?

Which of these epic books do you have your eye on? 

Happy New Year! :)
Much love + hugs + kisses,


  1. YES TO ALL OF THESE! <333

    (Except pancakes with honey because I've yet to try that)

    1. And happy blogoversary!

      I had mine on November 13th but completely spaced out on it haha.

    2. Haha thank you & Happy Blogversary to you to, Sana! :D

  2. YES YES YES TO ALL OF THESE! So, so true. I've never had pancakes with honey (I'm more of a maple syrup kind of person) but it sounds super good! Happy blogversary! x

    1. Thanks, Jessica and yes you should definitely try it! :)

  3. These are all awesome! But I’m more of maple syrup with lots of butter kinda girl when it comes to pancakes. But seriously, this post rocks!

    1. I seem to be the only one on Team Honey. :P Thanks, Mitchii! :)

  4. LOVE THIS!! My advice is to keep things fun, to do as much or as less as you want to/need to and to never afraid trying out new things :)

    Btw, Let's Pretend This Never Happened - loved that book!!

    Happy New Year and Happy Blogoversary!

    1. 2015's going to be all about doing new stuff and I can't wait to get started. Thanks, Cayce! :)

  5. Yes, yes...... and yes to most of them but I'm not much of a pancake person. But I will say x3 yes to #7 De-Clutter!!! I really need to work on that. :)
    Happy New Year and Happy Blogoversary!!!

  6. Mm... I really just want to eat some pancakes outside in the quiet for twenty minutes now. Oh, and a glass of lemonade would be nice.

    I think the biggest thing for me is 16. I am always striving towards perfection, even though it's not attainable, and I often fall apart once I realize that I'm not reaching whatever perfection it is I built in my mind. I just need to let it go and realize there will always be flaws and imperfections in life. That doesn't mean my life is fail, just means I need to appreciate its diversity. Or something like that ;)

    1. Haha you should, Asti - Don't forget the honey! XD

      I think #16 is life-long struggle for most of us, we just need a reminder every once in a while that we are pretty awesome just the way we are. ;)

  7. THESE ARE EXCELLENT, THAT IS FOR SURE. I don't even know what I learnt this year...gah. You're making me think. ;-) Maaaaybe...that it's okay to take days off? I used to feel like I was being a neglectful blogger if I didn't post every. single. day. But COME ON. No one even does that! I don't know why I put that expectation on myself. So yes. It's gone. I'm trying to be a bit you said slow down. That's a really wise blogging tip.

    1. Haha! THANK YOU, Cait! XD

      YES, hiatuses are the best. Time off allows me to re-set my priorities, work more productively and be a lot more happier. :)

  8. Congrats and what an AMAZING giveaway. I'm almost finished with Yes Please on audio and it's made me laugh and cry in equal measure.
    Would love Bossy Pants if successful please x

    1. Bossy Pants was gooooood. So glad to hear that Yes Please is awesome 'cause it's on my wishlist! :D

      Good luck for the giveaway! :)

  9. Congrats on turning two! Every year I've learn something new - not just from blogging but from life.
    I basically have learned not to let anyone make me feel lesser although I need to work on my confidence a little more - I'm still much better than earlier years. I still need to learn to cherish my friends because we don't hang out as much anymore. I'm usually with the family though which is nice. I have also tried to stop comparing myself to others. It's so wonderful to be out of the teenage stage where I was so much more aware of everyone else. It got frustrating.
    I have Let's Pretend This Never Happened on my eye.
    Hope the next years to come, come with an even happier you!

  10. First off I want to say that I'm SO glad that you left a comment on my blog two years ago and we were able to become friends! I'm still sad that I wasn't able to get a picture with you when you came over, but when I come back again you, Mishma and myself are going out to lunch :) I haven't forgotten the promise for Kottu Roti and Avocados :P!!

    Second Congratulations!! I'm so happy and proud of you :). Even though I don't comment often on your blog, it's one of my favourites!!!(I hope you know that!) I agree with all of the things on your list. I love #10 btw. Mornings are my favourite part because nobody gets up before me and it's just nice to sit in the quiet before life starts its hustle and bustle. As always I'm wishing you nothing but the very best Nuz :) Can't wait to continue our National Literature post!

  11. Can I say that though it's been a while since I've commented, I LOVE how you've been using these headers in your posts? The pictures are so gorgeous!

    I LOVE YOUR ENTIRE LIST. I want to make a graphic of it and hang it on my wall -- such good reminders to always have! I really want to read The Bad Feminist and Let's Pretend This Never Happened. I've heard the audio of the latter title is really good too and The Bloggess is hilarious. I'm going to add the other books to my to-read list... if the others are any indication, those should also be awesome.



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