Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fighting Blogger's Guilt

Last month I spoke about my experience as a part time blogger
Julianne, my guest reviewer and blogger at Jules Bookshelf is here today to make some confessions of her own. This Daemon Black fangirl is also started college this year so finding the balance between life and blogging is sometimes quite a struggle. So here we go...




So some of you might know (or not) that I am Nuz’s next door guest reviewer here at Say it With Books. I’m not just a guest reviewer, but I also have my own blog (Jules Bookshelf). About a month ago, I’ve entered Uni, and I’m having a blast. I got to choose my own course, which is sort of a like a mix of fine arts and digital arts. But recently I’ve been having a hard time maintaining my usual blogging schedule, and of course that affected the frequency of how I post here and on my own blog.

I talked about how I overcame this issue of mine on my own blog, but let me share with you guys the things that I’m still guilty about, when it comes to blogging.


I know right? Why do I not find the time to read ARCS!? ISN’T THAT INSANE? Well not exactly. I still have time TO READ. But I’m finding it hard to read ARCS fast enough to write a review before the published date. Don’t worry though, I’m not really late with the deadlines, but I’m having trouble reading them all.


Since I have a limited free time, I couldn’t find the time to comment back on my blog and on their blog as fast as before. I try to comment back as soon as I have time, but I’m still having trouble doing it.


Saddest thing is that I have no time to actually write a post in one sitting. I have to do them in separate free hours because I have a lot to do and I couldn’t devote a few hours on writing a post for a long period of time.

Since my usual book reading bestfriend is a few kilometres aways from me, I couldn’t find time to chat with her about books. I could fangirl on twitter, but that would be sad. I don’t have time to stay at Google Hangouts and talk with my blogger friends because let’s face it. I just have limited time.


Sometimes I just go online and POOF! There’s this new book that looks so cool and it was just published a few weeks ago, and my friends already read it, but I haven’t so… I couldn’t fangirl with my blogger friends AGAIN. Just because I’m not aware of these new books.

So yeah, these are the things that frustrate and make me guilty as a blogger. Although I’ve overcome my inner dilemma about these, sometimes it comes back and it guilts me just a little bit. But in nutshell, as blogger. We blog the way we want to, and I may not be as active as I was before, but I’ll definitely make up for it when I get the hang of Uni.

How about you? Any blogging confessions you want to share?
Any freshmen out there with tips and advise for Jules? Did you enjoy Julianne's guest post? Check out her blog for more awesome-ness!


  1. I just don't allow myself the guilts anymore! If I don't have time to read, post or comment, it's a bit disappointing but I often don't have time for lots of my hobbies. It is what it is. When I do have time to blog, I want to enjoy it and not feel weighted down by all the things I should have done. It took me a long time to get into this mindset but I feel much better ever since.

    1. I agree. I've learned to just accept not being able to be as consitent as before. Besides, I want to be able to get good grades so I guess blogging will need to take the backseat first. haha

  2. I'm definitely guilty about replying back to comments. Even when I get some free time I'm always like "I'll do that later" and I feel guilty. But at the same time I'm like I just don't want to be glued to the computer. I just want to do something else. That being said blogging while in University is hard. When you get any sort of free time, you just want to sit down and do nothing or just sleep to your heart's content. I was like that when I was blogging while in school, but I don't think you should feel guilty about being out of the loop or not knowing what's going on in the book world. You have your own life and you should enjoy school while you're in it and taking classes that you're passionate about :). I agree with Trish- you should enjoy blogging for what it is :). Great post Jules!

  3. Ohh, I totally understand these, and I feel guilty if I a) don't read all the blogs, and b) don't keep up with comments, or c) don't even FEEL like blogging! I FEEL SO BAD. But even that I think is kind of silly. Blogging is supposed to be fun, right?! Feeling bad just sucks. I try to give myself room...so when it's a time of my life that blogging is easy I GO FOR IT. And when it's not...I can just back off. ;) I loved this post!

  4. I have to say 2... because I'm EXTREMELY guilty of that. But I'm so picky about the ARCs I request, I'm not too guilty of that... YET. Currently I'm a Junior in High School, so I don't have any tips. Unless you're a freshman in High School. :D

  5. I've had plenty of time the last two years, but now everything is really going to start and I know I'll need some time management. My confession is that I have no schedule whatsoever, but I think I'm going to need one if I want to keep up with my blog. It's why I'm writing posts like a maniac, because I hope to write enough to post for a while :p

  6. I've recently changed my blog's focus-I no longer write traditional reviews and I've cut back in the blogging events I was participating about. I also now only post a couple times a week. Right now is a busy time for me and my family (and I have one kid doing school at home this year, for the first time). Blogging is a supposed fun hobby, and it shouldn't cause stress and guilt :) Do it however works for you!

  7. I used to be so hard on myself with these guilts, worrying that I wasn't making enough time for my blog or anything. Now, I'm really busy with everything, and I've realised that it's MY blog and even if I'm late or anything, I shouldn't let myself feel pressured. I have enough pressure from school, after all. :P

    As for freshmen tips... Hm... FREE STUFF! Unis sometimes have workshops and orientations and things like that for freshmen. I would recommend going to them because they might have free stuff, like post-it note pads or pens or shirts or even food! :P Remember to balance work and fun. Give yourself breaks and don't let yourself get too stressed. When you're feeling stressed, take a little time to step away from whatever is stressing you, and to collect yourself again.

    Best wishes with uni, Jules! :D

  8. You really nailed it with number 1 and 2 which is what gets me the most - the time it takes to read, review, blog and interact! I think it all becomes overwhelming if we try and do it all at once. Great discussion post Nuz.

  9. I find that finding the time to write a blog at the same time inspiration hits, is my biggest problem. And the longer I leave it, the more guilt I feel, and the harder it is to come up with an article :(


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