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Guest Review: The Forgotten Ones - Laura Howard

AuthorLaura Howard
Published: April 28th 2013

Allison O'Malley's plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she's been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison's mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn't trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother's sanity.

My Thoughts

My first thought when I first saw this book was; “Dang that’s one awesome cover.” Only now, I realize that I have once again fallen for the trick of having a good cover in exchange for a meh story.

I’d been thinking of how sad it is that everytime I post something here at Say it With Books, so when I first saw this book. I thought I would finally be giving Nuz my first five star review for the blog. Unfortunately, its not as amazing as the cover is.

At first, the story was interesting. I was indeed intrigued with the mystery it held and how appealing the plot was. But one thing it majored on is being unorganized. Everything was too messy. I was having a hard time collecting who’s who, and what’s what and where’s that. A lot of things are happening in a short amount of time. And it became hard for me to catch up.

While writing this review done, I am currently thinking of one word only. Boring. Sure everything seemed awesome at first, the story behind the plot is actually interesting and though the last part of the book was good, it was just too much of drag for me to rate it with something higher than 2.5. 

So sadly, yes this is indeed just a “meh” book for me. I don’t know why I’ve encountered a lot of “meh” book lately. But I hope that soone, I’ll find a very good good book to review here at Say it With Books.

Until next time :D
My Rating

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So have YOU read The Forgotten Ones? If so what did you think of it?
Jules has been going through a 'meh' book phase-Do you have any recommendations for her?

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  1. Nope, I haven't read it and if boring is the word that comes to mind then I don't think I ever will. I think for a meh stage, go back to a tried and tested favourite! Works for me everytime :)


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