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Interview + Giveaway with Matthew Turner

I am absolutely delighted to welcome New Adult Author, Matthew Turner to the blog today. 
As a male New Adult author whose books, TICK to the TOCK and Beyond Parallel are more than just steamy romance novels Turner is a breath of fresh air. 
What inspired the idea of TICK to the TOCK?
My first novel, Beyond Parallel, was set around the notion of 'What If'. TICK to the TOCK isn't about the what, rather the WHO & WHY. I'm a curious mind so often think about my past and my future and the journey I'm on. My biggest fear is looking back as an old man with regret, and I suppose this is what spurred me on during TICK to the TOCK.

It forced me to consider who I am right now, and if it was all taken away from me, would I be happy... be at peace... 
and accept who I am and where I've come from.

Most of my writing is based around self reflection, and I often try to place myself in a difficult situation and imagine what it would be like. I don't think it's healthy to do this all of the time, but most people could benefit from a little wayward wandering.
Is there a genre that you would like to try or one that you would avoid as a writer?
Although I do write Contemporary Romance, I can't imagine writing anything too steamy. Simply put, I'm far too awkward. As for future genres, well, I sometimes imagine what it would be like to create an epic Sci Fi or fantasy piece. This would be far from my comfort zone, and I'm not sure I'd ever do it, but I do think about it from time to time - being the geek I am, and all.
What books are currently in your reading pile?

Towards the end of 2013 and the start of 2014, I hope to complete Walden, the Wool Series, a few more Colleen Hoover Books, Catcher in the Rye, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and a collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald a friend of mine has just given me. 

As you can see, I like to mix up my reading a little :)
What songs are currently on your playlist?
I've been listening to a lot of Country, Folk, and Lo-Fi of late, because I've created a 'Recommended Listening' List for each chapter in TICK to the TOCK. Overall, the style and mood is fairly haunting and acoustic, so I've been listening to a lot of First Aid Kit, Cat Power, Gillian Welch, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, Tallest Man on Earth, Iron & Wine, and Ben Gibbard.

I'm rather excited to share my music tastes alongside my writing. I'm sure it won't be for everyone, but I hope it extends the journey for certain readers.
Why do you think people enjoy reading stories about falling love?
Because we can all emphasis with this. Most people love and lose and re-find it again. It's a hard process, and a very confusing one, and most certainly different for all. I think most people like to lose themselves in books, and the subject of love is always close to hand when it comes to losing yourself.
As a NA author how would you respond to the claim that "Most NA books are formulaic."?
I think romance in general is. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, etc etc...

Romance is a big part of New Adult, but as the genre grows - and more non-romantic elements become the norm - it will more than likely lose certain formulas. However, most books and stories follow formulas anyway, so I don't see this as a problem.

One job of a writer is to immerse the reader, and as readers we've grown used to certain paths. It's good that certain books totally disregard these rules, but if most stories did, I'm not sure people would enjoy reading - or listening to stories in general for that matter - nearly as much. I suppose the main issue is predictability and have everything sound the same.

This is an issue, but only if the writer is inspired to greatness by a particular story. Most art is stolen/borrowed, but it's how the artist - in this case, the writer - places their spin on it. I like to think every story is unique, and so long as the writer puts their heart and soul into their work, formulas and patterns don't become too much of an issue. 
What’s one of your favorite lines from TICK to the TOCK?
A very good and tricky question indeed. I think I will go with this one regarding the 'Train Girl' Scene:
“Returning home from a trip to London one Saturday night, I stood shivering on a platform, waiting for my final train to arrive. The wind swirled around the large open station, attacking every inch of exposed skin. But suddenly, from nowhere, I was warm. A girl stood beside me, a girl who would forever be termed Train Girl.”
Meet The Author:

Matthew Turner:  

A Writer, Reader & Coffee Loving Fiend.

As a Storyteller, I embrace the tale in all its forms: Fiction (New Adult, Coming-of-Age), Non-Fiction (Entrepreneur, Artistry, Creative Thinking) & Blogging, Speaking, Vlogging, and more...

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TICK to the TOCK

Author: Matthew Turner 
TitleTICK to the TOCK
Release Date: Jan 2014
What would you do if you had three months to live? That's what Dante King faces, the indecisive twenty-two-year-old who must finally learn to embrace life and love.

Tick to the Tock is a Contemporary New Adult Novel about Dante coming-of-age during turbulent times. A story inspired by love, but with the gritty realities of regret, missed opportunity, and understanding life's meaning under dire circumstance. But a single mind isn't affected on this journey, as an eclectic group comes to terms with the past, present, and what lies ahead.

Dante must confront and accept his fate, but can he let go of Danni: his lost love and kindred dreamer? With his rationally stubborn cousin, and eccentric best friend, Dante witnesses a life of dream and wonder: embarking across Europe, tackling Tibet, travelling Australia, and defeating each lifelong wish one-by-one.

Follow this coming-of-age roller coaster as four lives change forever. We're only given one, but it's never too late to understand faith, discover acceptance, and uncover the true meaning of love and happiness. Dante will die, but not before Danii, Ethan, Wilbur and he undertake an intense and heartfelt journey.

Smile… Cry… Ask yourself what you would do with three months left... Because Love & Living Begins Now

The Giveaway
To celebrate the launch of TICK to the TOCK there's an amazing giveaway-Check it out! To see a full list of all the prizes, click HERE.
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So tell me, is New Adult a genre that you enjoy? What do you think of TICK to the TOCK?


  1. I haven't read too much NA, but I'm open to books in that genre if they offer up a fresh premise. Great interview!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. I sometimes read NA books but haven't recently. I've actually been reading a lot of fantasy books recently rather than contemporary. The description for this book though seems different and interesting from most others. Nice interview and thanks for featuring the giveaway!

  3. I read more YA than NA but this one sounds so nice! Will check it out! :)


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