Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Freya Robertson's Top 6 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Recommendations

I am absolutely delighted to welcome Author Freya Robertson to the blog today to share her Top 6 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Recommendations. 
I have not had the opportunity to read her debut, Heartwood yet but as fan of fantasy novels I'm pretty excited for it!
So without further ado let me turn the blog over to Freya....

Kia ora (that’s Kiwi or New Zealand-ish for hello!)

You asked me for my top six science fiction and fantasy recommendations, and I thought it might be interesting for readers to hear about books that were an inspiration to me while writing Heartwood.

In my teens I went through a period where I was fascinated by the legend of King Arthur. I loved the film Excalibur, and adored Bradley’s book with its historic elements matched by just the right amount of magic. I’ve been to Glastonbury, and liked Bradley’s idea that the isle could be revealed and hidden by the mists that only a few dedicated priestesses could control. The connection of the king to the land and his people is definitely an element that I enjoyed exploring in Heartwood.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants, and I am happy to admit that Brooks’s fascination with trees and the themes of sacrifice and rebirth that he explores in his novels were a great influence on me. The character of Willow in Magic Kingdom is a lovely one, but this book is magical for more than that. I love Ben Holiday’s connection with the Paladin and the way that Brooks always makes the characters’ internal journeys as important as their external ones. This series is fun and light-hearted, but it’s one of my all-time favourites.

This series emphasises my interest in reincarnation and the ideas of resurrection and rebirth. The Deverry Cycle is a series of Celtic fantasy novels in which the story moves back and forth in time, exploring the various incarnations of characters and how one impinges on the other. It features many of the traditional elements of epic fantasy such as elves and dwarves. I haven’t read it for a long time, but it definitely had an impact on my love of epic fantasy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Guest Review: Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn & Jolene Perry

AuthorNyrae Dawn & Jolene Perry
PublisherNext Door Books
Release Date: November 15th 2012

Dylan doesn’t do relationships. He and his older brother watched their dad go through hell and back, so they made a pact years ago—no girl would come between the Gibson boys. But his brother sells out. He's getting married anyway. To the sister of a chick Dylan met at a party, who's probably the angriest girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, she happens to be hot, too.

Ziah’s life is upside down—her safe boyfriend turns out to be not-so-safe, and now her sister is getting married before college is over to the older brother of a spoiled, party boy who drives her crazy. And also makes her heart beat too fast.

There’s no denying the attraction, but there's also no denying how much they irritate each other. When they’re thrown together as forced wedding planners, they find an ally in each other--neither wants this wedding to happen.

But instead of putting a stop to the crazy nuptials they find themselves at fittings and cake testing. And maybe even…a few dates?
Dizzy is a novel about what happens when two people who are determined not to fall in love, maybe do anyway. Maybe.

My Thoughts
Cute. Light. Definitely chick-lit-ty.

I decided that I would break my reading schedule because my buddy read Stef, told me that it was a very good read. It was definitely such a cute thing :D

Its not everyday that you meet a girl that’s different from most. Especially since she doesn’t like you the very first time she sets eyes on you. Dylan could never forget how that one girl, Ziah. Then the whole wedding his brother is having is something he didn’t expect… and Ziah.

I’m not usually the kind of girl that reads a lot of chick-lit books. I tend to read more intense and emotional books. So its refreshing reading this book because its just so… light and sweet.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guest Post + Giveaway: 10 Things That Inspire Me

I am absolutely delighted to welcome Author Astrid Yrigollen to the blog today to share a Guest Post on what inspires her. 
I have not had the opportunity to read her book, His Black Wings yet but a lot of readers have described it as a Steampunk retelling of Beauty and the Beast-Sounds fabulous right?
So without further ado let me turn the blog over to Astrid....
Ten Things That Inspire Me
1. Creation. The natural world and heavens is breath taking and awe inspiring. The beauty, design and variety of everything, even a single kind of say, flower, that can be found in our known universe is inspiring to me.
2. No matter where is comes from, whenever I witness a person’s humility it never ceases to impress me and inspire me to be a better person.
3.Kindness is something that any one can give freely, even the most simple act yet can be so powerful. When I see kindness it always speaks directly to my heart and reminds me to in turn to be kind.
4. Intelligence. I love speaking, listening and learning from intelligent people (who are also open minded).No one person will ever know it all,but it’s fun to learn from everyone you can.
5. Animals. To see the various behaviors of animals that emote human ones, love, anger, jealousy ,tenderness etc. never ceases to inspire me to create animal characters for younger readers.
6. People who stands up for what is right, even when it is not popular to do so.
7. Art in it’s various forms. Whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, sewing and even baking I love to see the things people create.
8. Happy music puts me in to a good mood, therefore making it easier to be inspired and create!
9. On the lighter side of things that inspire me, girly, pretty things,dresses,bows etc. These fashions are past my age group to wear, but I love to see pretty dresses!
10. Cake! All girls love sweets and nothing beats a pretty cake!
Meet The Author:
Astrid Yrigollen is a self published Author of Young Adult and Children’s books. 
Astrid started her writing career when she begun work for the international video game giant, Sega of America. Working her way up the ranks, she began writing companion guides for games. With a love for writing fiction 
since childhood, she took her short stories out of storage and had her first story ever written published. It was only after that she found out that first stories are never published! 
She has resumed writing full time and has succeeded in putting out the titles, The Doughnut Tree, Mysterious Pootkins , and The Mosswoods to name a few. Her short stories have appeared in the literary 
journal, “Threshold Press” and Shock and Awe Magazine.She finds writing for young adults both refreshing and challenging. She always wishes to provide examples of positive role models, conflict resolving methods and communication for young adults with their parents or guardians. 

Twitter      .     Goodreads         .     Website         .        Facebook
His Black Wings

AuthorAstrid Yrigollen
Title: His Black Wings
Release Date: November 2012

Claren Maidstone has been forced to flee her childhood home after the death of her parents and a vicious assault from a sadistic young man who intends to marry her. Claren changes her identity and finds employment as an assistant to the handsome Fredrick Lowood, a generous yet mysterious benefactor. However, she soon finds out his generosity comes at a price. Fredrick wishes for Claren to befriend his disfigured son who resides in seclusion at their estate, Westwind.

Fredrick Lowood knows what the history books do not teach, that the Grand Council built this new world of peace and beauty on hidden blood and greed. He has plotted for years to bring down the family that enslaved his own people. Suddenly, he has the last living heir in his grasp.

Etrigan Lowood rejects the world that forces him to hide. He is powerful, plagued with a terrible dark beauty: WINGS. It is these wings that carry him out only at night to watch the unwanted intruder in his home. A creature of refined instinct yet little social grace, he is strangely captivated by Claren but knows nothing of how her family’s dark past is intertwined with his own . Through their blossoming friendship, Etrigan realizes he still retains his human heart and yearns for Claren’s love.

Kurten Wandsworth is the only son of the Mayor of St.Marhen. Kurten lives his life fueled by cruelty and lust. Whatever he wants he takes and he wants Claren to be his wife even it if kills her. Scarred by Claren he hunts her down mercilessly until he can set a trap which she will never be able to escape from.

The Giveaway
Enter this International giveaway to win a paperback of His Black Wings by Astrid Yrigollen and some fabulous swag!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Bookish Survey, A Bookish Event & A Guest Reviewer!

The A-Z book-ish survey was created by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner and it's super fun!
Author you’ve read the most books from: 
Karina Halle-I absolutely loved her Artists Trilogy and Experiment in Terror series!

Best Sequel Ever: 

Hands down, it's Taherah Mafi's Unravel Me!

Currently Reading: 

Markus Zusak's The Book Thief for a read-along hosted by Wendy at The Midnight Garden-So far it's been amazing!

Drink of Choice While Reading: 

Not really picky but coffee works always.

E-reader or Physical Book? 

I'd have to go with physical books. I don't have an e-reader which means I read ebooks on my laptop. Nope, not comfortable at all.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Trevor from Pivot Point-Cute and dorky guys for the win! ;)

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance: 

Heart on a Chain by Cindy C. Bennett

Hidden Gem Book: 

Priya Kanaparti's The Dracian Legacy

Important Moment in your Reading Life: 

Discovering Enid Blyton and book blogs.

Just Finished: 

Me, Him, Them, & It by Caela Carter - I wasn't a huge fan of pregnancy books but this one changed my mind!

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read: