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Review: The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton

Title: The Unidentified Redhead
Author: Alice Clayton
Published: October 15th 2013 by Gallery Books
Source: Publisher

The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood’s hottest new leading man.

When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress, it’s a second shot at a life-long dream. With some help from her best-friend agent, will that dream become a reality—or at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton, the entertainment industry's newest “it” boy, threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life, how will that affect her career…and his? 

Funny, borderline neurotic Grace is perfect in her imperfections, and the sexual chemistrybetween her and charming yet blissfully unaware Jack is off the charts. With laugh-out-loud dialogue and a super-steamy romance that will get your heart racing, sneaking around in L.A. and dodging the paparazzi has never been so fun.

                             My Thoughts

Imagine having a ‘Super Sexy 24-year-old Scientist Guy’ and ‘33-year-old Unidentified Redhead’ in Los Angeles where pretty much anything can happen… You’ll get one hilariously sexy and crazy story!

First of all, I want to give Alice Clayton a big, tight hug for writing this book and for giving me another book boyfriend to dream about, Jack Hamilton. *swoons*

When I first read about Jack, I was sure that I’d fall in love with him right away. He’s close to perfection with his accent and his dark emerald green eyes with flecks of gold. (Sorry I’m a sucker for guys with beautiful eyes.) Being in L.A. again means so much to Grace Sheridan. This is her last chance to make her dreams come true, because the first time didn’t go so well for her. Now, her best friend, Holly, who has a talent agency, helps her in achieving her goal. Let me just say that I loved the portrayal of Los Angeles in this story. We always see it as the city where all dreams come true, but in reality, one’s dreams can also be shattered and crushed right there. Honestly, it’s one of the places that I want to live in someday, because of the craziness that it can bring me but also because of the calm I know is still there despite all of the chaos.  

I think that Grace’s story is similar to the journey of other actors too. I especially loved Grace’s character because she knew what her mistakes were. When she first moved to L.A., all she cared about is being famous and being in the spotlight, she didn’t really love what she was doing. And so, she failed in almost every aspect of her life. There was also a time when she gained weight and that just added up to her long list of insecurities. But what I LOVED about Grace is that she still had the determination. Sure, it took a long time, but she got back on her feet and was willing to give it another shot. (YOU GO GIRL!)

As for Jack, he is God’s gift to women. He is charming, witty, funny, hot, intelligent… Oh the list could go on and on and on, bottom line is that – he’s close to perfection! I love that he’s so into Grace and never did anything stupid in the book. I’ve read so many stories where the guy is too arrogant or too much of a douche, or slept with too many girls, but Jack right here is not one of those things. Plus, their relationship wasn’t rushed or forced. You can really see that the story was slowly building and their relationship was also starting to be something deeper and sweeter. There weren’t any major dramas, but there were lots of sex. Every. Single. Place Possible. Yes, you have been warned! LOL.

“Okay, look. Whenever I hear people say that they felt ‘sparks,’ I usually think it’s a load of poo. I mean, I have felt attraction to people, sure, and I have even felt some instant lust. But sparks? Please... Then he touched my skin… Sparks. Sparks. Sparks. Hot sparks. Flashing sparks. Lightning-bolt sparks. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, sparks.” 

Grace is one cheeky badass chick and is not your typical cheesy and mushy MC and Jack is part of every girl’s dream and fantasy (hahaha *coughs*).

The Unidentified Redhead is an ALL SORTS OF “VERY” kind of story. Very fun. Very playful. Very charming. Very sexy. Very crazy. And you will not get enough of it, for sure. You will go nuts (GO TEAM SWEET NUTS!) while reading the flirtatious and witty banter of Jack and Grace. Alice Clayton certainly created the perfect formula for a novel that’s going to be well-loved and well-appreciated! 

My Rating

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  1. Your giddiness with this book is so contagious! I really want to read it NOW! Thanks for the passionate and awesome review! I need to read some Alice Clayton novels stat!


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