Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daria's 25 & The Anatomy Series Giveaway

1) I believe “sexy ugly” is way more attractive than conventionally cute. 
2) I still own, and occasionally wear, slap bracelets. (But not stick-on stones.)
3) Sometimes when I walk into a library or surf the web, my heart fills with dread over how much I’ll never know or understand. But I guess it’s better to acknowledge your ignorance than to feel arrogant. 
4) If I wrote a memoir, each chapter title would be the name of an anti-acne medicine I tried in vain.  The Clearasil Years during middle school were especially brutal.  
5) Don’t shoot me, but I prefer ebooks to hardcovers.
6) I also prefer movies to books. {dodging bullet}
7) I’m much more comfortable with one or two friends than with a big crowd of people. 
8) My new favorite snack is kale chips:  Just de-stem and de-rib the leaves, toss with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, spread on a baking sheet and bake for twenty.
9) If I were bright enough, I’d go into ovarian cancer research.  
10) I don’t understand the appeal of big stadium concerts. Parking’s a nightmare, everyone stands even though there’re seats (and sometimes they stand on the seats), and the act’s too far away to see anyway so you just end up watching the screen.
11) I used to be able to recite the entire script of When Harry Met Sally… from memory. 
12) I’m grateful to heartbreak for making me more compassionate.
13) My favorite Brontë sister is Anne. 

14) I wasn’t scared of flying until my twenties. Go figure.  
15) I don’t wear makeup as much now as I did in my teens. Go figure.
16) My first celebrity crush was Fred Savage in The Wonder Years, one of the most profound shows ever IMO.

17) I can’t explain it, but the sight of a swimming pool without water scares the crap out of me. 
18) If I could be a character in any film, I’d choose Sarah in Labyrinth. 
19) I hate the taste of alcohol straight up. But mixed in with desserts like rum cake or zabaglione—it’s all good. 
20)Occasionally I listen to rap.
21) It took me until college to realize that jealously is just a form of self-loathing.
22) I laugh at completely inappropriate and non-funny situations. I don’t mean to, it’s just a nervous habit
23) I’m not into sports AT ALL. 
24) When I was little and watched The Sound of Music, I’d always fast-forward through “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” because it was so boring. Now it’s my favorite song in the musical. 
Same goes for “There are Worse Things I Could Do” from Grease. Funny how tastes change.
25) I have Jem and the Holograms on DVD. 
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  1. I love the movie the Labyrinth! Totally awesome!

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