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Chat Review: Anatomy 1 & 2-Daria Snadowsky

Title: Anatomy of a Boyfriend 
Published: Jan 9 2007 - Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Before this all happened, the closest I'd ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds pathetic, but it's not like there were any guys at my high school who I cared to share more than three words with, let alone my body.
Then I met Wes, a track star senior from across town. Maybe it was his soulful blue eyes, or maybe my hormones just started raging. Either way, I was hooked. And after a while, he was too. I couldn't believe how intense my feelings became, or the fact that I was seeing—and touching—parts of the body I'd only read about in my Gray's Anatomy textbook. You could say Wes and I experienced a lot of firsts together that spring. It was scary. It was fun. It was love.
And then came the fall.

Published: Jan 8 2013 - Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Title: Anatomy of a Single Girl
In Daria Snadowsky’s daring follow-up to Anatomy of a Boyfriend, eighteen-year-old Dominique explores the relationship between love and lust, and the friendships that see us through.

Nuzaifa: Hi everyone! Welcome to our third chat review, this time we are doing things a little differently. We are reviewing two books simultaneously, that is both books in the Anatomy Series. This was definitely a challenge for both Rach and me because we had to review the sequel without giving away what happens in the first book. But as challenging as this was it was also interesting because we were able to discuss the protagonist's transition from a 17 year old teen to a pre-med college student.
Rachel: So Nuz, what did you think about Anatomy of a Boyfriend?

Nuzaifa: Honest. That's the main thing that went through my mind while I read it!
Rachel: Same here! It was really like going through a teenage girl's mind and the main character Dom, is relatable too. Dominique, for me she was the perfect example of a typical teenager, liking a boy, falling in love, being self-conscious all the time, and sometimes, she can be pretty annoying but what I especially liked about her is the truth about her feelings
How about you, Nuz, what did you think of her?
Nuzaifa: She was funny, awkward, smart, sensitive and maybe tad dramatic-Dominique was like the definition of a teenager! I could definitely relate to her! The fact that she was honest(at least to herself) about who she is and what she wanted was something that I loved.

“I just wouldn’t want to hook up with a guy unless I really, really like him, and in my experience all boys can be classified as either assholes or bores, unless they’re both."
LOL I have to admit that this thought has crossed my mind more than once!
Rachel: You know what, I also highlighted that statement when I read the book!
Dominique's growth as a person was something that I really enjoyed reading about!
Maybe because she already had some experiences that taught her some valuable lessons.

We can really see her maturity in the second book.
Nuzaifa: Ah great minds think alike! ;)
The way she handled all the insecurities and issues that she comes across was something that was definitely inspiring.

Rachel: I TOTALLY AGREE. This girl really knew what she wanted, where she wanted it and how she wanted it.
Nuzaifa: I think this is probably the first book where although I hated the love interest, I kept rooting for the pair!Daria's portrayal of a teen's first love was apologetically honest and so realistic!
Rachel: Aaaah the feeling of first love. The author never failed to make me reminisce about mine, and I'm pretty sure some of our followers who have read it felt the same!
And Wes!!!! I believe her relationship with Wes was a very special one and she will always remember everything about him.
Nuzaifa: Ah yes Wes! I was totally rooting for the pair throughout the book!
Rachel: And there were many quotes in the second book that I agree with. Just like this:

"A good personality can make a guy better-looking"
Nuzaifa: Dom was super studious and focused in the beginning, seeing her get so involved with Wes and focus solely on their relationship was something that you see a lot in real life.
Rachel: Yes, I think that I went through the same stage too when I was in high school.
And you will really think that EVERYTHING will last forever especially when you are young and vulnerable.
Nuzaifa: Oh yes, all sunshine and rainbows-Kudos to Daria for giving us a story that's real!
I'm glad that Dom made the right choice in the end when it came to her choice of college Making that choice based on something that's constantly evolving like a relationship is not the smart choice.
Rachel: Yes, the decision about choosing a college is very crucial for a teenager.

"Life is about adapting and moving on."
I'm sure that quote will inspire many people.
Nuzaifa: Both Anatomy of a Boyfriend & Anatomy of a Single Girl had some very interesting quotes...
“Like when someone dies, you don’t stop loving them just because they’re not around to love you back anymore. Breakups truly are a kind of death.”
Rachel: And this...
"You can't have highs without the lows"
Nuzaifa: So Wes? For some reason I just couldn't 'like' this guy!
Rachel: I liked Wes because he was unique in a way. But yeah there was nothing that special about him that will make girls really SWOOOOON.
Nuzaifa: But I guess that was the point! Not all of them are Prince Charmings. ;)
Rachel: And not all of them are nice guys too. Which reminds me of Cal in the second book
I didn't quite like him too.
Nuzaifa: On other hand I actually liked him. A lot!
Rachel: Really? Well, it's not that I hate him. I just didn't like him. Maybe because it was obvious that he liked Dom but then he does something which says another thing. That's why.
Nuzaifa: Ah yes his actions later on did clearly indicate that maybe he was not so into Dom but I could not really fault him for it because Dom was quite vocal when stating that she was not looking for a relationship. So what did u think of Guy?
Rachel: Guy. I liked him! To the point of loving him too actually.
He is the type of guy that most girls will probably dislike because of his beliefs, but I like the fact that he also knows what he wants. And he really took care of Dom. He respected her and considered her at all times. How about you?
Nuzaifa: I liked him too, He was definitely someone I could have grown to love if not for his beliefs. He was honest with Dom about everything from the beginning so I did like that about him. And their summer fling was a little more meaningful especially since they did share the similar interests and Guy did care for Dom in his own way.
Rachel: Yea that was just the sad thing, we don't have the same beliefs too. But he was super nice, plus he's pretty hot too. *winks*
Nuzaifa: Hot and smart-perfect! :D What did u think of Dom's relationship with Amy?
Rachel: Dom and Amy - they seriously cracked me up!
Nuzaifa: Amy's sense of humor was epic! 

“Did things get a lot hotter between you two? A little stove-top stuffing in the kitchen?"
Rachel: Amy definitely brought the fun!!!!!! Plus Anatomy of a Single Girl showed the other side of Amy. Her vulnerable and soft side. and I liked that too.
Nuzaifa: Yes watching Amy fall in love was so sweet!
Rachel: And to think Amy was not the 'falling-in-love' type of girl in the 1st book :))
Nuzaifa: Ah yes! I guess people do change after all. Speaking of change-Change was an important theme in both books don't you think?
Rachel: It was definitely an important theme and I even think that it IS THE MAIN theme of both books.
Nuzaifa: Beginnings of relationships, falling in love,hurt, break ups, falling out of love, and college-All of those major changes. And most importantly finding the courage to move on.
Rachel: We see two teenage girls, who are total opposites, and we see them grow and change. Love and get hurt. Fall and breakdown. I really loved Daria's portrayal of the characters in the story- they're truthful in every way possible.

"If love is part hate, and pleasure part pain, then eliminating heartbreak would preclude the greatest happiness."
Nuzaifa: And we can gather something for ourselves from this. We spend so much analyzing that we fail to simply feel-
“I’ve been so caught up with mapping out a picture-perfect “forever” that I’m completely neglecting my present, which I have far more control over anyway.”
Rachel: Oh my gosh I am falling in love with this series all over again!
Nuzaifa: I know right?! The Anatomy series is something that everyone regardless of age/gender should read. So time to wrap up-Final Thoughts? :)
Rachel: This coming of age novel will help you uncover things about yourself and about your relationships with other people. It will also make you realize that you don't need to hold onto your past, because moving forward is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
Nuzaifa: Daria's brutal honesty paired with her sense of humor will show you what exactly you can expect from your firsts.
I want to encourage all young readers to follow Dom's journey of self discovery, it doesn't get any real than this.

“As juvenile as we sound, sometimes the most fun thing in the world is laughing with girls about boys.”
Our Rating
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Nuzaifa & Rachel :)


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