Sunday, June 30, 2013

June - Monthly Wrap Up

June was an insane month on the blog for us, insanely awesome yet insanely frustrating too!
When Rach and I came up with the idea for the Indie Self Published Author Event we had no idea that organizing an event would be so crazy. Getting the authors and bloggers together and making sure everything went smoothly was not an easy job.
That being said we enjoyed every minute of it! Let me tell you that the Indie and Self Published authors are a bunch of great people-So easy to work with and so much fun! :)
And the bloggers-The response from you guys was overwhelming! We did not expect so many people to sign up, thank you so much for being a part of our event. 
We can't thank you guys enough for your contribution and participation-This event would not have been possible without you people.

Stats-wise: Say It with Books has grown so much this year and it's all because of guys!
Lots of new followers so welcome, we hope you guys are having fun! Thank you so much for all the lovely e-mails, blog post comments, tweets, Goodreads and Facebook messages(We hit the our 750 Likes milestone this weekend-Yay!). We might not have had time to return your thoughts(Sorry!) but trust me we both loved each and everyone of them! :)
Indie Self Published Author Event
Read the sizzling HOTTT Excerpt + International Giveaway (Enter to win an e-copy of Truly, Madly, Deeply, You$10 Amazon Gift card and swag.)
After Forever Ends - Melodie Ramone
Read Rachel's 5 Star Review and Enter the Internationally Giveaway 
 Little White Lies - Erin Lawless
Read the interview to find out what crazy prank this author pulled and enter the International Giveaway to win a copy of Little White Lies + Swag!
Going Under - Summer Walden
Author S. Walden tells us why women read New Adult fiction! Enter to win a SIGNED paperback of her book, Going Under.
Pity Isn't an Option - Jessica Brook
Are you an dystopian junke? You might enjoy this excerpt from Jessica's YA debut! Enter to win a SIGNED paperback of Pity Isn't an Option.
Vigilant - Angela Lawson
Read my review of Angela's awesome new Urban Fantasy and enter to win a SIGNED paperback! 
The Bad Girls' Club - Kathryn O'Halloran
Read our author interview to find out more about Kathryn's "bad girl" side and enter to win her book!
In Your Dreams - Amy Martin
Amy's book focuses on Narcolepsy -something that I've never seen in YA books! Find out more and win both her books.
Watch Over Me - Tara Sivec
REAL. RAW. RAVISHING. - This is what Rachel had to say about Tara's new book! 
 The Truth about Faking and The Truth about Letting Go - Leigh T Moore
Both Rachel and I reviewed Leigh's YA Contemporary series. Enter to win a SIGNED paperback bundle of both books!
Dracian Origins - Priya Kanaparti
Priya shared an exclusive spoiler-free teaser from her second book, Dracian Origins! I absolutely loved Dracian Legacy so if you haven't read it yet-Check it out now.
Love Love - Beth Michele
Beth shares her nightmarish first date and a teaser from her book, Love Love! 
Afterlife Academy - Jaimie Admans
"Welcome to Afterlife Academy, where horns are the norm, the microwave is more intelligent than the teachers, and the pumpkins have a taste for blood." - Enter the giveaway!
The Perfect Game - J. Sterling
If you love bad boys The Perfect Game is the perfect book for you-Enter the International Giveaway! 
The Only Exception - Magan Vernon
Author Magan shares her experience in college-Read more and enter to win her book! 
Wide Awake - Shelly Crane
The journey of a girl who wakes up from her coma to a room full of strangers. Read my review and enter to win a copy of Wide Awake! 
Lots of giveaways on the blog this months so don't forget to enter! :)
Thank you so much to all the authors who sponsored us! 
So both Rachel and I added some pretty sweeeeeet books to our shelves this month-Check it out!
Nuzaifa's Haul:
HarperTeen is officially my favorite publisher! This is the first time I received books for review from a publisher(Huge thanks to my co-blogger, Rachel for all her help-I couldn't have done it without you, girl!)
Thank you very much to Disney Hyperion for an ARC of These Broken Stars-I may have attempted the postman when I got the package. I absolutely cannot to wait to start this book! A huge thank you goes to Rachel at Fiktshun for The Beautiful and The Cursed. <3
Thank you very much, Daria Snadowsky for the review copies of the Anatomy books-Eeep! :)
Rachel's Haul:
The peeps at HarperCollins are amazing-Rachel received these books for review. I cannot wait to see what she thinks! We are hoping to do a chat review for SpellCaster since we both got this book. :)
Rachel is going through a very tough period so she's on a brief hiatus. I miss her so much and cannot imagine continuing without her! The past few months have been amazing and not only was she was my co-blogger but she has become one of my close friends-So I can't wait for her to come back. :'(
So that's it for now guys! Hope to see you guys back on the blog in July!
Lots of love,
Nuzaifa & Rachel :)


  1. Ladies, your event was the first one I've ever really joined and I had SUCH a great time. I met awesome bloggers, found awesome stories, and met cool authors. :D Kudos to you two for organizing it! It was a total blast!

    Awesome haul too! Happy reading! :)

    1. Oh I'm so glad you to hear that you had so much fun,Ana! It was really great working with you-Thank you so much for your support. <3 :)

  2. OMG I can't believe I missed this event!!! But I'm glad it was an incredible experience for you guys<3 I got the Anatomy books for review too- they sound really fun! Ooohh Everneath is REALLY good<3 Great haul<33

  3. Congrats on all the success on the blog Nuzaifa and Rachel :). I'm so happy for both of you!The Distance Between Us has quite the gorgeous cover eh? The Anatomy Series sounds really cute :). I hope you enjoy all of your books!


  4. AMAZING HAUL <3 I want to read These Broken Stars sooo much! Great job with the blog (hey that rhymed!!)

  5. Loved your book haul. I've heard nothing but rave things about Reboot. Wide Awake by Shelly Crane is a book I've wanted to pick up for a while,

    Here's my wrap up for the month of June:

  6. I had a really great time during your event. Good job! You guys rock :)) Hopefully another successful event will soon follow. And those are awesome books you got. Can't wait to read some of them too :)

    PS Rachel will be missed! :)

  7. A friend of mine just mentioned your blog. Sorry I missed on the fun, but I'm glad I'm now here!

  8. Putting together such events sounds like SUCH hard work, but it sounds like everyone had lots of fun so you guys should be proud of yourselves! I'm sorry to hear Rachel is going on a temporary hiatus, but hopefully things get better <3 Yay for the 750 Likes milestone, and I hope this next month is just as great for you guys :)

  9. Ooooh the book haul! I so want to read The Distance Between Us & These Broken Stars! Can't wait to hear what you think of those book. I'm starting The Distance Between Us tonite :-D
    By the way, I love this blog's layout so much, girls, your blog is so lovely <3

    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading

  10. This sounds so sweet and your accomplishments sounds amazing! What a great event, I am happy that everything went well and most of all that you had fund executing it ;)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy


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