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Review: Flash - Barbara Morgenroth

Title: Flash
Series: Flash # 1
Author: Barbara Morgenroth
Published: September 29th 2011 by DashingBook
Format: ebook 
Website: Author's Goodreads Page
Source: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

When Kip “I lied about being 18 for so long, it seemed like the truth” Chanin, arrives in Los Angeles with her mother who wants to work in Hollywood, it doesn’t take her long to understand that this is a factory town and the product is an illusion. To help support her two-person family, Kip grits her teeth, puts aside being a news photographer and becomes a paparazzi.

 Kip’s first photo is of Alex Milne, the handsome and volatile young actor. That one photo changes both their lives. An evening being detained in the Beverly Hills Police Station expands Kip’s world and opportunities both wanted and unwanted confront her. To lasting shock and pain, Kip learns the identity of her father and she sets out to solve a murder that’s been gossiped about in Hollywood for the last 80 years, tainting the Milne family to the present day. 

 One thing Kip learns to her core is that life is real even in a city dedicated to creating illusions. 

 PG-13 Some mature themes
My Thoughts

I've always wanted to know what was going on in the mind of a photographer. Especially when they capture beautiful pictures that just makes us want to stare at it all day.

Flash gave me that. And I'm glad that I got to know what Kip Chanin was thinking all throughout the book.

I admire the strength of the lead character, Kip. She was used to taking care of herself ever since, because her mother wasn't exactly the best mom that one can have. She's lying to people about her age, when in fact she was not really 18.

And here comes Alex, the actor who helped Kip have a job by just taking a photo of him. I was surprised when Alex contacted Kip and told her he wanted his pictures taken. And I loved the way Kip photographed Alex. That scene, where Kip acted that she was late and kept Alex waiting really got him over the edge and guess what? In that moment, he showed her the real Alex and that was what Kip wanted to capture and not the boy-next-door image that everybody else always sees.

There were times when I really believed that Kip was older because she is so mature and she knows what she wants. She has determination and she is independent. 

I was just quite confused with the mystery involved in this story, about Alex's family. And also, I think that the relationship of Alex and Kip was underdeveloped. They only knew each other for a short amount of time and they didn't have many 'moments' in the book, that's why I was not really into the romance part of it. There were also times where the author will surprise us because both characters have such strong personalities and they clash, but in the end, they always seem to complement each other even if they both have flaws.

One character that I also loved was Bay, because she was like the mother of Kip in this story. Yes, she is tough, but the author slowly unraveled her and in some way, she has still has this golden heart which makes her more passionate and caring. 

Another thing that I loved was the setting. It was in L.A. And we all believe that L.A. is a city where our dreams can come true, but I admired Kip for getting to see the downside in living there. 

The ending also got me thinking about what will happen next and I really want to know what Kip and Alex will do to save the relationship that they have.

Quotes that I liked:
"Being in your presence is like getting a flu shot."
"If we don’t have honesty, we have nothing,"
"One shouldn’t become too emotionally invested in such random circumstances."
"Being apart from him meant enduring the persistent sense of a blank space in my life."
" Everyone lives with pain. But people find the strength to deal with it,not give in."
"Do you know what the poet Rainer Maria Rilke said? Beauty is the first degree of the terrible. There’s an equation, a correlation, between the two and Kip captured it."
    My Rating 


  1. This does sound wuite different. Don't think I've read anything with a photographer in it either!

  2. Interesting premise! And especially interesting to have a sympathetic portrayal of paparazzi! Great, honest review!


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