Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April - Monthly Wrap Up

 We had a pretty awesome time this month on the blog-Rachel and I read and acquired lots of great books, interacted with some kick ass authors and great readers/bloggers!
Stats vise April was a good month for us-we were able to meet some sweet bookaholics who never failed to leave their thoughts on the blog, on Twitter, on Goodreads and on our Facebook page. Thank you so much for all the love! You guys make our day and we are forever grateful to you peeps!
Speaking of our Facebook page we just reached a milestone of 400 readers-Woot Woot!
I'd like to thank Rachel,my awesome-sauce co-blogger for being there for me this month despite having her exams(which she totally ACED by the way-Congrats,girl!). 
Reviews on the blog: 
The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay 
Flash - Barbara Morgenroth
Giveaways on the blog: 
Plastic Hearts - Lisa De Jong OVER
Find out 25 of Katja's quirks and enter to win A Galley of The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay OPEN-US Only
Cover Reveals/Promos
What's Left of Us - Ari Tucker
To My Hero: A Blog of Our Journey Together - Danielle Sibarium
Merch Girl - Rebecca Lewis
Are You Mine? - N.K. Smith
Rachel's a HUGE fan of author, S.C. Stephens of the Thoughtless series whom she had the privilege of interviewing!
We discussed our nostalgia for our favourite childhood books in our post on Childhood Books That Stood The Test of Time. We also made the switch to Bloglovin' this month so we listed a few reasons as to why Bloglovin' rocks. Christian Schoon, author of Zenn Scarlett tells us what he looks for in a review as an author.
Sign Ups for the Indie and Self-Published Author Event will be open till the 4th of May so bloggers if you haven't signed up yet, please do!
So both Rachel and I added some pretty sweeeeeet books to our shelves/e-readers this month-Check it out!

Rachel's Haul:
Nuzaifa's Haul:
So that's it for now guys! Hope to see you guys back on the blog in May because we have planned some pretty cool stuff. 
Lots of love,
Nuzaifa & Rachel :)


  1. Congratulations on all your Milestones! You both have some awesome hauls!

    I have Jellicoe Road sitting on a shelf and hopefully I'll get to it before the year ends. If I stay is also on my shelf and the sequel as well.

    Enjoy all of your books and hope you guys have an awesome May!

  2. I'm reading bloodlines now! came accross it at the library and decided it was time to read it!

  3. Busy and fun month. I always love dropping by here to see what you guys are up to and what you are reviewing. Keep it up :-)

  4. Sweet haul! And I can't wait for the Self-published and Indie Author Event! :D

  5. Ah, so. many. good books! Hope ya'll enjoy them, because in those piles are some of my favorites!


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