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Dracian Legacy - Priya Kanaparti : Character Interview & Review & Giveaway!

Hi guys!Thanks for stopping by the Dracian Legacy Blog Tour.
So Guess who's here at Say It With Books??
*drum roll* Axel AND Dean!!
Awesome,right?So what are you waiting for-read on to find out why Dean and Axel have become the hottest thing since Gummy Bears.

Hi,Axel & Dean!Thank you so much for stopping by my blog-I have a few questions for the two of you so can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!So lets start now..
  1. Describe Ren in 3 words.
AXEL: Beautiful, Strong, and Compassionate

DEAN: Bestest Best Friend

*Awww!Aren't they the sweetest?*
  1. If you could be a color what would you be?


DEAN: Dude I know you want to be like me, BUT you didn’t have to steal my answers.

AXEL: *rolls eyes at Dean*

  1. Tell me what your best AND worst trait is
AXEL: Best…? I’m not sure

DEAN: The wart on your nose?

AXEL: What? What the hell are you talking about?

DEAN: oh right your modesty.

AXEL: Dean, shut up. *shakes head, exasperated*

DEAN: Looks like Axel’s done. So my best trait, my irresistible sexy body and worst…? A winner never reveals their weaknesses. *grins*

* Don't you think that Dean should come with a label saying "WARNING-Major Swoon Inducer!" *
  1. When you are not protecting Ren or fighting off Goarders and all kinds of evil things what do you do?
DEAN: Wouldn’t you like to know?  *winks*

AXEL: probably looking at himself in the mirror.

DEAN: *chuckles* you’re just jealous that you don’t have half the handsome genes I do.

AXEL: Whatever dude. I’ve got other responsibilities that I need to tend to, on a daily basis… responsibilities to protecting innocents.

*Yes,Dean I WOULD like to know!Pretty please?And aww Axel-always the honorable one.*
  1. What is your idea of the best and most romantic date?
DEAN: something that involves sweaty bodies…

AXEL: Dude seriously?

DEAN: What…? I was going to say sweaty bodies, playing flag football, my girl on the opposite team.

AXEL: *runs a hand through hair, chuckling* That was so not what you were going to say. Anyways, for me, it would be anywhere… in anyway I spend with Ren.

*Gosh Axel!That's the sweetest thing EVA!And Dean-Football?Riiiiiiiiight.*
  1. What would be your worst nightmare?
AXEL: running away when I’m faced with death. Being a coward. *jaw clenches*

DEAN: Again, I’m not into shouting out my weaknesses. *Grins*

AXEL: *looks at Dean, brow raised, amused* You’re so… *shakes head*

*Oh Axel. *siiiiiiiign* Dean-always mysterious,huh?*
  1. Axel, how do you feel about the way that your relationship with Ren has evolved? Dean, at the beginning the spark between you and Ren was subtle and now it’s like full-blown fireworks! What triggered this change?
AXEL: I think Ren and I are at a good place. Only wish that she wouldn’t carry all this weight and fear on her shoulders… I know she’s struggling.

DEAN: *Clears throat* She’s strong. She’ll make the right choice. *turns to Nuzaifa* And as for us, the sparks have always been there. It was just a matter of letting them be. *shrugs*

*True,Ren is pretty strong despite the fact that she had a whole new world introduced to her*

AXEL: Thank you for having us on your blog.

DEAN: Yeah, thanks. *tilts chin up in a nod*

* Thank you guys for stopping by,I had a very niiiice time! ;) *

Dracian Legacy - Priya Kanaparti : Review

Author: Priya Kanaparti

Title: Dracian Legacy

Series: Dracian #1
Published:  February 13th 2013
Format: ebook
Source: Received an e-copy in exchange for a honest review from the author

Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance. 

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to become difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by the Goarders, humans who sold their souls, a Proxy Succubi, and the leader of the Telalians, who has been searching for her as well. 

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

My Thoughts

Sometimes you come across certain books that you read in one sitting because they are just that awesome?And then once you are done you feel so heart broken because now that all the awesome-ness is over you have to wait for another year for the sequel to experience another dose of that awesome-ness?Well,Dracian Legacy is one such book.

You know what I loved the MOST about Dracian Legacy?The Characters.The characters have been crafted in such way that each and every one one of them feels vital to the story.The story is told from Ren's POV and boy Oh boy isn't she one kickass protagonist!Her sarcasm and sense of humor made me have some serious giggling fits.She was not like certain unbearably whiny YA heroines-she was compassionate,loyal and brave despite being pushed head first into some seriously over-whelming situations.Her sense of humor was like an ever present sidekick!

“Ah hell, this was bad. Double-chocolate-chips-goes-to-my-hips kinda bad.” 

And then we have Axel-a sweet,romantic and protective guy with an admirable sense of honor.He cares a lot about the people he loves.He's also a man with a mission-the mission being finding the prophesied one.

“You make everything about my existence worthwhile.” 

Dean-Despite what certain people think,Dean is mine(anyone who'd like to dispute that can meet me for a duel).This guy is hilarious.Sweet.Cocky.And haaaawt!I double dare you to read Dracian Legacy and NOT love this dude.Honestly,he's soooo swoony!Under all that misguided egotistical attitude there's one sweeeeeeeeet guy.For Real. *sniff sniff* 

“You look super cute when you get all worked up. If it weren't for that razor-sharp tongue of yours,I'd suck that cuteness right out of you.

Joshua,Cassie,Pey,Landon,Tyler were great supporting characters too.
The story moved very smoothly and there were a couple of twists and turns that surprised me.The relationship between the characters was well developed,loved the easy banter!There were plenty of adrenaline-rush-moments thanks to the well written action scenes.

And the ending totally caught me off guard-I really wasn't expecting something of that sort!The cliffhanger wasn't that big but I still cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel(I think it'll be out in Feb 2014 Hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on it earlier).

If you haven't read this fantastic debut,please go do it NOW-You have no idea what you are missing out on!

My Rating

You can purchase your copy at Amazon l Barnes & Noble

Also don't forget to enter this awesome-sauce INT giveaway!


  1. I loved the interview with Dean and Axel! Hehehe :) Though, Dean just seemed to steal the limelight! No fair! Sowie....I'm an Axel fan xD Wait....I love them I'm torn.

    Really lovely review as well! :)

  2. Nuzaifa! Thank you soooo much for your kind review AND the lovely 4.5 stars =) I had sooo much for with the interview too!

  3. It just so happened that my sister's short story's main character's name is Axel O.o
    This book sounds interesting...[an Axel fan]
    Thank you verry much for everything you wrote in here! I love the review and interview!


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