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Review & Giveaway : Uses for Boys - Erica Lorraine Scheidt

Author: Erica Lorraine Scheidt

Title: Uses for Boys
Release Date:  January 15th 2013 by St Martin’s Press 
Format: eBook
Source: A Review Copy from the Publisher

“And then he hugs me. Really hugs me. Like he thinks that there's only one of me and I'm special and I'm enough for him. Like he doesn't need anything else. Like he was alone and then I came along.” 
      Anna remembers a time before boys, when she was little and everything made sense. When she and her mom were a family, just the two of them against the world. But now her mom is gone most of the time, chasing the next marriage, brining home the next stepfather. Anna is left on her own—until she discovers that she can make boys her family. From Desmond to Joey, Todd to Sam, Anna learns that if you give boys what they want, you can get what you need. But the price is high—the other kids make fun of her; the girls call her a slut. Anna's new friend, Toy, seems to have found a way around the loneliness, but Toy has her own secrets that even Anna can't know.

Then comes Sam. When Anna actually meets a boy who is more than just useful, whose family eats dinner together, laughs, and tells stories, the truth about love becomes clear. And she finally learns how it feels to have something to lose—and something to offer. Real, shocking, uplifting, and stunningly lyrical, Uses for Boys by Erica Lorraine Scheidt is a story of breaking down and growing up.          

My Thoughts

When I stumbled across Uses for Boys a few weeks ago my first thought was "Ooooh,look at that gorgeous cover!".The fairy lights and the muted colors give you the impression that it's a light & romantic read.Even though the synopsis hints that Uses for Boys is "real & shocking" I had no idea it would be such an intense read.

If you are looking for a fairy tale teen love story,you are looking at the wrong book.

Uses for Boys is written in first person POV.During most of Anna's childhood her mother is not at home.Anna's mother is a single parent,a horrible one who moves from one man to another.I found Anna's mother completely selfish and uncaring-She left Anna to fend for herself at a really young age while she went out on "dates" with a string of men.Since Anna lacks the attention that she craves as a child and she starts to look for this love in other boys.

Anna's narration is breathtakingly honest and shocking.Her view of love and relationships is warped because she was brought up that way.Anna jumps from one "relationship" to another in search of the love that her mother didn't give.Scheidt  touches on some really sensitives issues and she doesn't hold back when she explains some of the situations.Sam is such a sweet and innocent guy and he helps Anna get over her insecurities and helps her fill the void that was left by her mother.Toy,Anna's friend in the story is as equally messed up as Anna-their relationship was....unusual. 

Uses for Boys is a gritty read that pulls at your heart strings-it leaves you disgusted,shocked,hopeful,sad and thankful for all the wonderful things that you have and Anna does not.

My Rating

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  1. Good review. Thanks for participating!

  2. I've seen this book several times, and I did consider participating in the tour as well, but every time I look at it I don't think it's for me. Despite Anna's situation, she seems like someone I'd get frustrated with easily. Glad you enjoyed it overall, Nuzaifa, great review! :)

  3. This book sounds so good!! Added to my to-read list (:
    This blog is really pretty! LOVE the design!

    I'm following!

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    Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl
    Thanks (:


  4. That's why they say not to judge the book by the cover. It sounds intense because you know there are people that go through things like that.

  5. I actually never read a book where the mother goes from men to men and then the daughter does the same. The daughter usually is angry with her mother and doesn't like to get close to men.

  6. I thought that the cover didn't really prepare you for what was inside either. I thought - light, fluffy, girly - and got dark and gritty.
    I did like the book, but I was really upset at how Anna's mother treated her, and how different Anna's life could have been if her mother had just paid her a little more attention. Really sad.

  7. Totally adding this to my TBR list.

    Thanks for the review!

  8. I reviewed this today. It's a dark and gritty story at times, but I really enjoyed it.

  9. Hello! I nominated you for the Liebster Award.

  10. This sounds like a great book. I love the cover too. I enjoy gritty YA reads.

    Congrats! I have nominated you for a blog award. Please stop by my blog for more details.

  11. I love a story with grit. I couldn't have a steady diet of them, but love to read something that gives me something to think about. I look forward to reading it.

  12. Yes, this one definitely isn't a fairy tale, but I enjoyed it!

  13. Great review! I just received a copy and now I'm really looking forward to reading it :)

  14. This looks amazing! Sad, but amazing! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award

  15. Not really the easiest book to read, and I was shocked while reading it too. The only thing I didn't like is I feel Anna didn't learn from the mistakes that she did. Nice review!
    Little Book Star


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