Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bookapalooza Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway!

Jenna from Making the Grade is celebrating one year of book blogging.Yes, she's celebrating her Blogversary TODAY so go congratulate her! 
So in honor of this celebration Jenna and 9 other bloggers, including yours truly will be sharing our appreciation of each other and our love of reading. :D

So Jenna,being totally sweet and generous is having TWO giveaways!In my post below I have included a Secret Word that you will need to complete a book-ish phrase.This 9 word phrase allows you to gain 35 Bonus entries for the two giveaways mentioned below.

  • Visit each blog below in the order that they are listed. Read their unique posted created just for you!
  • Keep an eye out for a Secret Word highlighted in BOLD RED somewhere within each post.
  • Continue to visit each blog in order until you have collected all nine Secret Words.
  • When put together, the nine Secret Words will build a special bookish phrase.
  • Enter the completed phrase into the two Rafflecopter forms located below for 25 bonus entries!
  • Name the author or book from which the phrase is taken to earn an additional 10 bonus entries!
  • In addition, each blog will likely be offering a giveaway of their very own! 

So my post today will be on...

Why I Love Book Blogging

I love books.No, seriously I do.I love them so much that surviving without books for even two days is impossible.I start having withdrawal symptoms and it gets nasty.And no I'm not kidding.
Not only do I love books I love hoarding them even though I have a LOT of unread books sitting on my shelves.And in my Nook.And my Kindle.
And then I have my book cover lust-It is NOT my fault that there are so many books out there with gorgeous covers.I see them looking all nice and shiny on Amazon and I HAVE to buy them okay?
And then we have my obsession devotion towards characters in books.Let's just say that if you ask me who my favorite book boyfriend is you'll be stuck listening to rave on and on for next two days.

So you see it was only natural that I start blogging about them.Now I can go on and on about the books I love and sometimes about the ones I hate without everyone around me giving the O.o look!
I started blogging only last November so I'm a newbie but the welcome has been overwhelming!I've met a LOT of lovely bloggers who are friendly,helpful and generous!And then I got to talk to all these cool authors who are actually interested in knowing what I think about their books-the authors are really sweet & down to earth so interacting with them is really fun!

I have also stumbled upon so many awesome books that I didn't even know existed!And all those cool genres out there like Steampunk,dystopian and apocalyptic I've been introduced too?Totally love getting recommendations!

And that is why I love book blogging is just another extension of my love for reading books.

And now for those amazing people who helped me create and continue this outlet to express my undying love for books :D

  • My friends and family who supported me and didn't call me crazy for deciding to start blogging!
  • My buddies on Goodreads-You guys were my initial followers and I don't think I would have actually gone through without your love and support!A special mention to the members of Laurynne's ❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss ❤ Book Blogger & Author Social Hub!
  • My blogger buddies-Each and every blogger who encouraged me and helped me out!
  • My followers and buddies on Twitter-Thanks for listening to my rants and for the sweet thoughts that you sent my way!
  • And now for the best-My awesome commenters!I loved re-reading each and everyone of them.Trust me,waking up in the morning and seeing your comments made my day! :)

♥ I Love You, Guys! :D 

So enough about me,now for Jenna's Epic Giveaway!

In the above post you'll find the Secret Word that will give you the Bonus Entries.
To obtain the next Secret Word in the Bookapalooza Scavenger Hunt, visit Writer of Wrongs.

Note Both giveaways are open to US/Canada only, to entrants aged 13 and older.

Bookapalooza Big Box of Bookish Fun Giveaway!

To win all those awesome goodies shown in the above picture all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter given below

Bookapalooza Signed Books by the Dozen Giveaway!

 This second giveaway includes a dozen signed books from some of Jenna's favorite authors,to be revealed one author at a time all month long!One winner will receive all twelve signed books!

I Know,I Know both of these awesome giveaways are US/Canada Only. :(

But don't worry because I'll be having a special giveaway for my International Followers next week!

This giveaway is also a part of the the Bookapalooza Event but it'll be MY special treat for you guys. ;)

So Stay Tuned.....



  1. Wow! Massive giveaway! I'm in the UK though so not entering.
    I know exactly what you mean about hording books and having to buy the ones with pretty covers. My boyfriend refuses to buy me books now cause he says I have too many (not possible) but I have to have them cause they're so pretty! and I really, really, want them!

  2. @Sarah Elizabeth
    Yeah it's really cool of Jenna to give so many books!Lol!I can totally relate-I mean it's sooo hard to walk away when you see all those awesome books! :D
    & I'm sorry you couldn't enter,I'll be having an INT giveaway on the 14th so look out for it,Sarah! :)

  3. Best book related experience?
    Meeting Maggie Stiefvater was most definetly the highlight of my year!
    Also, Beautiful Redemption. I've waited for this book FOREVER and am super pleased with the conclusion.

  4. Spending the entire day at the Twilight movie marathon with my assistant - totally worth playing hookie!

  5. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


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