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Promo - Dead Heart - R L King

Dead Heart - R.L. King

"Would you give someone your own beating heart so they may live?"

That is the question Doctor Paul Vieyra will have to ask himself as his world comes crashing down around him, and the ghost of those who died on his operating table haunt his mind.
When Dr. Vieyra sister’s heart begins to fail and her life fade away, a new heart or surgery are her only chances for survival—a chance no doctor is willing to take. Dr. Vieyra will risk everything he has and more for his sister. He will need the help of both old and new friends along with his mental ghosts if he is going to overcome the incredible obstacles that stand in his way.
The clock is ticking. Will he be able to save his sister’s dead heart? What is he willing to risk?
Publication Date : August 30 2012
Print Length : 259 pages
Publisher : 48fourteen (August 30, 2012)
ASIN : B0094GZ3W6

 The Author

R.L. King was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1978. King grew up in a poor mountain town. He and his family lived in an old school bus and shared an outhouse. They did not have a television until Reagan was re-elected.
King is the author of Two Bad Men (2005), Parallel You (2006), and Dead Heart (2007). These novels were created at the request of his friend who needed something good to read. King also published two short stories in 2010, for publishing credentials: The Tell-Tale Soul and The Water-Grave Redemption.
R.L. King currently resides in Oklahoma City, and works in the precious metals industry. He continues to write as late as he can most nights.

R.L. King can be found at

You can also find his short stories at The Water – Grave Retribution and The Tell-Tale Soul


  1. @April De GuzmanIt's on my TBR list so I haven't read it yet.But it does sound like a great book.Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. @April De Guzman, If you have not already bought a copy, let me or Nuzaifa know and I will email you a free copy.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    -R.L. King


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